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Some films are not suitable for young children.

Friday March 28 starting at 7pm:
Shorts: Faux Commercials, Faux Trailers, and movie/TV spoofs.
Feature: "Being Michael Madsen"

Saturday March 29 starting at 7pm:
Shorts: Misc. Satire and Musicals.
Feature: "Sexina: Popstar P.I."

Sunday March 30 starting at 7pm:
Shorts: Science Fiction and Horror spoofs.
Feature: "Plans 1 to 8 from Outer Space" with additional dialog performed live by The Brody Theater! Many attendees will get a FREE SPACESHIP! Well, ok, Frisbee...



Being Michael Madsen     VIEW TRAILER
Director: Michael Mongillo, CT
In this five-star (Film Threat) mockumentary, actor Michael Madsen turns the tables on notorious paparazzo, Billy Dant, by hiring a trio of documentary filmmakers to chronicle Dant's life, loves, and troubles. Features Michael Madsen ("Reservoir Dogs"), Virginia Madsen ("Sideways"), David Carradine ("Kill Bill"), Harry Dean Stanton ("Paris, Texas"), Darryl Hannah ("Blade Runner"), Lacey Chabert ("Mean Girls") and many others.

Sexina: Popstar P.I.     VIEW TRAILER
Director: Erik P. Sharkey, CA
She's the number one popstar in the world, but that's just a cover for her private eye work - she fights corruption in the music industry, such as an evil record label creating a cyborg boy band! Jeepers! Special guest star Adam West (the original Batman) and theme song by Davy Jones (The Monkees).

Plans 1 to 8 from Outer Space
Director: Neil Consequences, CA
The long awaited prequel to "Plan 9 from Outer Space" is finally here! The first 8 plans have been found and digitally restored! As a special bonus, a local improv comedy team will provide additional dialog LIVE!


30 Minute Meth
Director: Elliot Elkins and Patty Prats, LA
Learn to make your own meth at home in only 30 minutes!

300 Pounds
Director: Eric Valdes, FL
When this battle is over, the world will know the power of being heavy!

A Helping Hand
Director: Christopher Thomas, GA
It's bros helping bros when one is in need!

American Big Game
Director: John Waldron, AZ
On this week's episode, "catch and release" from the world of fishing is adopted by big game hunters with "shoot and revive".

Barbie: E True Hollywood Story
Director: John Waldron, AZ
The sad story of the decline of a once-famous childhood icon.

Bitter Spirits
Director: Adam and Donovan Montierth, AZ
Angry ghosts try to stop a wedding.

Blood of the Cross
Director: Todd Lubitsch, CA
Jesus is having a bit of trouble with his crew.

Box Wars
Director: David Broder, Australia
The new sport that is sweeping the nation! At least in Australia.

Chevy Jesus Commercial
Director: John Waldron, AZ
The new Chevy Jesus walks on water!

Children of Scum: A Retrospective
Director: Danny Grossman, CA
The making of that low budget film about low lifes who reach new lows.

Davey and Son of Goliath
Director: Corky Quakenbush
Davey's dog Goliath tells him to kill people in parked cars.

Death Trike
Director: Brian Singleton, Canada
The killers of a small child are hunted by the kid's evil tricycle

Director: David Malki, CA
ARACHNID has a really good medical plan - if you survive your first day.

Fax News
Director: Damon Abraham / Christopher Lorbecki, NY
The latest news - before it happens!

Feral Children
Director: James Meritt, OR
As if normal children weren't bad enough.

Food Processcycle
Director: Cathy Zheutlin, OR
Get exercise and make dinner at the same time!

Gemini Rising Trailer
Director: Gina Andreoli, PA
It's the 70's and Gemini Rising is having some problems rising to the top.

Halloween 7.5: The Rehabilitation of Michael Myers
Director: Corky Quakenbush
Michael Myers is not quite ready for the work release program.

I'm in the Mood for Death
Director: Carolyn London, NY
When you're in the mood, it's time to go.

Li'l Cocktail Lounge
Director: Jackson Douglas, CA
Teach your kids an important job skill. Comes complete with working blender!

On Poisoning Birds
Director: Kenny Reed and Ben Popp, IL
This film defies description.

Orally Z
Director: Damon Abraham / Christopher Lorbecki, NY
Don't settle for the standard uncomfortable grip!

Pickle Theater - Boogie Nights & Silence of the Lambs
Director: Dan Oleski & Todd Waters, PA
A couple of famous scenes from famous movies are depicted - with pickles!

Director: Greg Omelchuck, TX
We follow "Piggy" as he deals with bike taxis trying to steal his territory.

Quest Contest
Director: Greg Chaney, AK
He has the map, but what will he find?

Rainbow Brite
Director: Tyler Spencer, OR
The sad story of the decline of a once-famous childhood icon.

Director: Adam Devaney, AZ
The government's witness protection program seems to have a fatal flaw.

Republicans, Hookers, and Gays - Oh My!
Director: Elliot Elkins and Patty Prats, LA
It's a musical about Senator Larry Craig. Really.

Rock in a Hard Place
Director: Matthew Monson, NY
Someone is not playing fair in this world of RPS.

Director: Dana Dorian, Scotland
Colin and Cumberland are back with a new adventure!

Sounds of War
Director: Michael Suter & Scott Bird, CA
Get this amazing collection of the greatest sounds from the greatest weapons from the greatest wars!

Director: Elizabeth Sher, CA
Very informative instructional video for avoiding long lines at the ladies room.

Street Hoopz
Director: Vincent Gargiulo, CA
The coach of a women's basketball team doubles as a pimp.

The Black Platoon
Director: Andreas Schaap, Germany
The making of the most expensive film in German history! Let's hunt some Nazis!

The Late Dr Lady Show vignettes
Director: David Lady, OH
Vignettes from Ohio horror host Dr Lady, including "Diminished Understanding Helmet", "Brush with Death", "Death Relief", and more.

The Man with the Fragile Lower Jaw
Director: Alan Winston, OR
He's a man! with a fragile lower jaw!

The Most Useful Word
Director: Nicholas Mah, CA
New English for a New World, episode 153, tells us the many uses of a common word.

Torsten Kretchzmar: I Know What Girls Like
Director: Steffen Frech, CA
Our favorite German pop star from the 2006 fest is back and he knows what ladies want!

Totally Connected
Director: Randy Brown, TX
Get the tiny new product that keeps you online and in touch 24/7!

What To Do In A Zombie Attack
Director: Jose Carrillo, TX
This instructional video will prepare you for the inevitable zombie epidemic.

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